1. Babylonian
2. Mesopotamian
3. Chaldean
4. Assyro-Babylonian
5. Akkadian
6. Sumerian
7. Aramean
8. Neo-Assyrian
9. Neo-Babylonian
10. Neo-Chaldean
11. Assyro-Chaldean
12. Assyro-Mesopotamian
13. Neo-Sumerian
14. Assyro-Akkadian
15. Assyrian-Aramaic
16. Assyrian-Syriac
17. Assyrian-Chaldean
18. Assyrian-Babylonian
19. Neo-Assyrian-Akkadian
20. Neo-Assyrian-Babylonian
21. Neo-Assyrian-Chaldean
22. Neo-Assyrian-Mesopotamian
23. Old Assyrian
24. Middle Assyrian
25. Neo-Assyrian Empire
26. Neo-Assyrian Period
27. Middle Assyrian Period
28. Old Assyrian Period
29. Assyrian Revival
30. Assyrian Reformation

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