1. Presuming
2. Supposing
3. Conjecturing
4. Postulating
5. Hypothesizing
6. Inferring
7. Guessing
8. Guesstimating
9. Fancying
10. Speculating
11. Reckoning
12. Thinking
13. Imagining
14. Taking for granted
15. Accepting
16. Believing
17. Assuming
18. Supposing
19. Imagining
20. Estimating
21. Concluding
22. Postulating
23. Reasoning
24. Reckoning
25. Supposing
26. Assuming
27. Calculating
28. Guessing
29. Imagining
30. Assuming

Searching for synonyms for the word “assuming” can be a great way to diversify your vocabulary and make your writing more interesting. Whether you’re writing a blog post, an essay, or a novel, having a list of ideas for other words to use is a great resource. Here are some of the best ideas and other words for assuming: presuming, supposing, conjecturing, postulating, hypothesizing, inferring, guessing, guesstimating, fancying, speculating, reckoning, thinking, imagining, taking for granted, accepting, believing, estimating, concluding, postulating, reasoning, calculating, and imagining. You can also use these words for assuming in different forms, such as “assumingly” or “assumedly”. With this list of synonyms, you’ll be able to find the perfect word for any situation.