1. Requests
2. Queries
3. Inquires
4. Demands
5. Pleads
6. Interrogates
7. Appeals
8. Probes
9. Quizzes
10. Entreats
11. Invites
12. Supplicates
13. Pleads
14. Invokes
15. Beseeches
16. Interpellates
17. Proposes
18. Urges
19. Implores
20. Catechizes
21. Puts forth
22. Poses
23. Solicitudes
24. Requisitions
25. Invocations
26. Invocations
27. Appeals to
28. Postulates
29. Querys
30. Poses questions

Looking for synonyms for the word “asks”? You’ve come to the right place! Here are the best ideas and other words for “asks”: requests, queries, inquires, demands, pleads, interrogates, appeals, probes, quizzes, entreats, invites, supplicates, pleads, invokes, beseeches, interpellates, proposes, urges, implores, catechizes, puts forth, poses, solicitudes, requisitions, invocations, appeals to, postulates, querys, and poses questions. No matter what type of request you’re looking for, there’s a perfect word to use. Whether you’re asking for help, advice, or a favor, these synonyms for “asks” will make sure you get the right message across.