1. Inquire
2. Interrogate
3. Query
4. Pose
5. Appeal
6. Quiz
7. Plead
8. Petition
9. Crave
10. Request
11. Invite
12. Entreat
13. Solicit
14. Implore
15. Supplicate
16. Invocation
17. Implication
18. Necessitate
19. Urge
20. Exact
21. Call for
22. Invocation
23. Implication
24. Necessitate
25. Urge
26. Exact
27. Call for
28. Demand
29. Exhort
30. Appeal to

Finding the best synonyms for the word “ask” can be a difficult task. It is important to find the right words to convey the same meaning as “ask” in order to communicate effectively. There are many other words for “ask” such as inquire, interrogate, query, pose, appeal, quiz, plead, petition, crave, request, invite, entreat, solicit, implore, supplicate, invocation, implication, necessitate, urge, exact, call for, demand, exhort, and appeal to. These synonyms can help to convey the same meaning as “ask” in different contexts. They can be used to make a conversation or writing more interesting and varied. Using different words for “ask” can also help to make a message clearer and more concise. Finding the best synonyms for “ask” can help to make communication more effective and interesting.