1. Far East
2. Orient
3. East
4. East Asia
5. Southeast Asia
6. India
7. Central Asia
8. China
9. Japan
10. Korea
11. Mongolia
12. Siberia
13. Anatolia
14. Levant
15. Arabian Peninsula
16. Iran
17. Iraq
18. Afghanistan
19. Pakistan
20. Indochina
21. Malay Archipelago
22. Maritime Southeast Asia
23. South Asia
24. Himalayas
25. Tibet
26. Turkestan
27. Kazakhstan
28. Bhutan
29. Nepal
30. Thailand

Searching for synonyms for the word “Asia” can be a challenge, as this term encompasses a vast geographic region and diverse cultures. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to use when referring to this part of the world. Some of the best ideas to consider include Far East, Orient, East, East Asia, Southeast Asia, India, Central Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Siberia, Anatolia, Levant, Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indochina, Malay Archipelago, Maritime Southeast Asia, South Asia, Himalayas, Tibet, Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Bhutan, Nepal, and Thailand. Each of these terms can be used to refer to a specific region or culture within the larger Asian continent.