1. Discovered
2. Determined
3. Found
4. Inferred
5. Investigated
6. Learned
7. Observed
8. Realized
9. Recognized
10. Revealed
11. Sought
12. Uncovered
13. Unveiled
14. Unwrapped
15. Assayed
16. Detected
17. Discerned
18. Discriminated
19. Established
20. Examined
21. Gauged
22. Identified
23. Inspected
24. Perceived
25. Probed
26. Researched
27. Scrutinized
28. Surveyed
29. Tested
30. Verified

Finding the right word to express yourself can be a challenge. For those looking for synonyms for the word “ascertained”, there are many great ideas to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a more sophisticated word or something more casual, there are a variety of options. Discovered, determined, found, inferred, investigated, learned, observed, realized, recognized, and revealed are all excellent synonyms for ascertained. Other words for ascertained include assayed, detected, discerned, discriminated, established, examined, gauged, identified, inspected, perceived, probed, researched, scrutinized, surveyed, tested, and verified. These are some of the best ideas for synonyms for ascertained.