1. Craftsman
2. Artificer
3. Tradesman
4. Crafter
5. Maker
6. Designer
7. Technician
8. Artificer
9. Handicraftsman
10. Skilled worker
11. Worker
12. Worker in wood
13. Artificer in metal
14. Potter
15. Potter in clay
16. Potter in porcelain
17. Glassblower
18. Embroiderer
19. Lacemaker
20. Painter
21. Sculptor
22. Weaver
23. Spinner
24. Musician
25. Goldsmith
26. Silversmith
27. Cooper
28. Bookbinder
29. Engraver
30. Decorator

Looking for synonyms for the word “artisans”? Here are the best ideas for other words for artisans. Artisans are skilled craftsmen, workers, and makers who create goods with their own hands. They can be potters, glassblowers, embroiderers, lacemakers, painters, sculptors, weavers, spinners, musicians, goldsmiths, silversmiths, coopers, bookbinders, engravers, and decorators. These artisans are often referred to as craftsmen, artificers, tradesmen, crafters, makers, designers, technicians, handicraftsmen, and skilled workers. Whether you’re looking for a synonym for artisans or another word for craftspeople, these 30 words are the perfect place to start.