Synonyms for «Articles»:

1. Writings
2. Texts
3. Publications
4. Documents
5. Essays
6. Papers
7. Manuscripts
8. Treatises
9. Reports
10. Journals
11. Compositions
12. Pamphlets
13. Discourses
14. Theses
15. Works
16. Notices
17. Memoranda
18. Bulletins
19. Notifications
20. Proclamations
21. Broadcasts
22. Declarations
23. Expositions
24. Circulars
25. Edicts
26. Proposals
27. Annals
28. Chronicles
29. Diaries
30. Periodicals

When searching for alternative words for «articles», there are many ideas to consider. Whether you are looking for the best synonyms for an academic paper, a business document, or a creative composition, there are many ideas to choose from. For example, writings, texts, publications, documents, essays, papers, manuscripts, treatises, reports, journals, compositions, pamphlets, discourses, theses, works, notices, memoranda, bulletins, notifications, proclamations, broadcasts, declarations, expositions, circulars, edicts, proposals, annals, chronicles, diaries, and periodicals are all words that can be used as synonyms for «articles». With the wide variety of potential words to choose from, it is easy to find the best synonym to fit the context of any document.