1. Limb
2. Appendage
3. Member
4. Wing
5. Flipper
6. Tentacle
7. Hand
8. Paw
9. Foreleg
10. Forepaw
11. Forearm
12. Elbow
13. Winglet
14. Hand
15. Digit
16. Member
17. Clasper
18. Tentacle
19. Flipper
20. Wing
21. Forelimb
22. Branch
23. Branchlet
24. Foreshank
25. Foreleg
26. Forequarter
27. Manus
28. Forepaw
29. Forearm
30. Armlet

Searching for synonyms for the word “arm” is a great way to add variety to your writing. Whether you’re looking for another word for “arm” in a poem, a story, or a research paper, it’s important to find the best ideas. There are a variety of synonyms for “arm” that can be used in any context. Some of the most popular synonyms for “arm” include limb, appendage, member, wing, flipper, tentacle, hand, paw, foreleg, forepaw, forearm, elbow, winglet, hand, digit, member, clasper, tentacle, flipper, wing, forelimb, branch, branchlet, foreshank, foreleg, forequarter, manus, forepaw, forearm, and armlet. With such a wide variety of synonyms to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect word for your writing.