1. South American country
2. South American nation
3. South American republic
4. South American state
5. Argentine Republic
6. Land of Silver
7. The Silver Country
8. The Silver Continent
9. The Silver Land
10. The Silver Nation
11. The Silver Republic
12. The Silver State
13. The White and Blue
14. The White and Sky Blue
15. The White and Azure
16. The White and Azure Nation
17. The White and Azure Republic
18. The White and Azure State
19. The White and Azure Land
20. The White and Azure Continent
21. Republic of Argentina
22. The Argentine
23. The Argentinian
24. The Argentinian Republic
25. The Argentinian Nation
26. The Argentinian State
27. The Argentinian Land
28. The Argentinian Continent
29. The Argentinean
30. The Argentinean Republic

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