Synonyms for “ARE”:

1. Exist
2. Remain
3. Occupy
4. Dwell
5. Abide
6. Be
7. Stand
8. Belong
9. Persist
10. Occur
11. Transpire
12. Continue
13. Take place
14. Live
15. Survive
16. Subsist
17. Repose
18. Endure
19. Obtain
20. Be found
21. Reoccur
22. Inhabit
23. Take up
24. Undergo
25. Be present
26. Materialize
27. Be alive
28. Manifest
29. Abound
30. Prevail

When searching for other words for “ARE”, there are many ideas to consider. Best synonyms for “ARE” include exist, remain, occupy, dwell, abide, be, stand, and belong. Other words for “ARE” are persist, occur, transpire, continue, take place, live, survive, subsist, repose, endure, obtain, be found, reoccur, inhabit, take up, undergo, be present, materialize, be alive, manifest, abound, and prevail. Each of these words captures a slightly different nuance of the meaning of “ARE”, making them useful in a variety of contexts.