1. Design
2. Structure
3. Construction
4. Edifice
5. Building
6. Blueprint
7. Plan
8. Framework
9. Model
10. Layout
11. Fabric
12. Scheme
13. Blueprint
14. Order
15. Form
16. Style
17. Composition
18. Comeliness
19. Symmetry
20. Proportion
21. Harmony
22. Elegance
23. Artistry
24. Craftsmanship
25. Creativity
26. Imagination
27. Innovation
28. Ingenuity
29. Originality
30. Aesthetics

Finding the right words to describe architecture can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for synonyms for architecture in a creative writing piece or simply trying to find other words to describe a building, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. From design and structure to craftsmanship and creativity, there are many different words to choose from when discussing architecture. Some of the best words to use when talking about architecture include design, construction, edifice, blueprint, plan, framework, model, layout, fabric, scheme, order, form, style, composition, comeliness, symmetry, proportion, harmony, elegance, artistry, craftsmanship, creativity, imagination, innovation, ingenuity, originality, and aesthetics. Each of these words can help to accurately describe the beauty and complexity of architecture, making it easier to discuss and appreciate its many facets.