1. Seraph
2. Archangel Michael
3. Cherub
4. Angel
5. Archangel Gabriel
6. Thrones
7. Powers
8. Principalities
9. Virtues
10. Dominions
11. Heavenly Messenger
12. Celestial Being
13. High-ranking Angel
14. Divine Being
15. Supernatural Being
16. Principality
17. Seraphim
18. Divine Messenger
19. Archon
20. Archangel Raphael
21. Guardian Angel
22. Heavenly Host
23. Heavenly Warrior
24. Celestial Warrior
25. God’s Messenger
26. Angelic Being
27. Celestial Host
28. Angelic Host
29. Celestial Messenger
30. Angelic Warrior

When searching for alternative words for the word «Archangel», you are sure to find some of the best ideas. Synonyms for Archangel include Seraph, Archangel Michael, Cherub, Angel, Archangel Gabriel, Thrones, Powers, Principalities, Virtues, Dominions, Heavenly Messenger, Celestial Being, High-ranking Angel, Divine Being, Supernatural Being, Principality, Seraphim, Divine Messenger, Archon, Archangel Raphael, Guardian Angel, Heavenly Host, Heavenly Warrior, Celestial Warrior, God’s Messenger, Angelic Being, Celestial Host, Angelic Host, Celestial Messenger, and Angelic Warrior. Each of these words can be used to describe a powerful, divine being that serves as a messenger between God and man. Whether you are looking for a poetic word to describe a spiritual being or a more scientific term to describe a celestial being, these synonyms for Archangel should provide you with the perfect idea.