1. Springtime
2. May
3. Vernal
4. Fourth Month
5. Opening
6. Renewal
7. Blossom
8. Bud
9. Sprout
10. Flora
11. Fecundity
12. Verdure
13. Greenery
14. Fertility
15. Bloom
16. Flourish
17. Proliferation
18. Rejuvenation
19. Awakening
20. Resurgence
21. Reawakening
22. Revival
23. Emergence
24. Reemergence
25. Reinvigoration
26. Rekindling
27. Rebirth
28. Re-emergence
29. Resurgence
30. Re-awakening

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «April»? It can be difficult to come up with the best ideas for other words for this month, but here are some excellent suggestions. Springtime, May, Vernal, Fourth Month, Opening, Renewal, Blossom, Bud, Sprout, Flora, Fecundity, Verdure, Greenery, Fertility, Bloom, Flourish, Proliferation, Rejuvenation, Awakening, Resurgence, Reawakening, Revival, Emergence, Reemergence, Reinvigoration, Rekindling, Rebirth, Re-emergence, Resurgence, and Re-awakening are all great synonyms for the word «April». No matter what you need an alternative for, these synonyms can help you find the perfect word for your project.