1. Approaches: Strategies
2. Approaches: Ways
3. Approaches: Tactics
4. Approaches: Methods
5. Approaches: Means
6. Approaches: Procedures
7. Approaches: Paths
8. Approaches: Routes
9. Approaches: Avenues
10. Approaches: Systems
11. Approaches: Plans
12. Approaches: Devices
13. Approaches: Schemes
14. Approaches: Modes
15. Approaches: Techniques
16. Approaches: Routines
17. Approaches: Manoeuvres
18. Approaches: Approaches
19. Approaches: Ventures
20. Approaches: Practices
21. Approaches: Projects
22. Approaches: Designs
23. Approaches: Programs
24. Approaches: Ventures
25. Approaches: Ideas
26. Approaches: Endeavours
27. Approaches: Concepts
28. Approaches: Proposals
29. Approaches: Solutions
30. Approaches: Plans

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “approaches”? There are many different words that can be used to express the same idea as “approaches”. These words can provide you with the best ideas for differentiating your writing and expressing yourself in a more unique way. Some of the most popular synonyms for “approaches” include strategies, ways, tactics, methods, means, procedures, paths, routes, avenues, systems, plans, devices, schemes, modes, techniques, routines, manoeuvres, practices, projects, designs, programs, ventures, ideas, endeavours, concepts, proposals, solutions, and plans. By using these words instead of “approaches”, you can create a more interesting and varied writing style.