1. Engagements
2. Schedules
3. Dates
4. Meetings
5. Appointees
6. Rendezvous
7. Confabs
8. Get-togethers
9. Sessions
10. Conferences
11. Assignments
12. Allotments
13. Agendas
14. Agreements
15. Consultations
16. Gatherings
17. Hearings
18. Interviews
19. Negotiations
20. Occasions
21. Reunions
22. Renditions
23. Reservations
24. Summons
25. Summations
26. Talks
27. Tribunals
28. Trysts
29. Visits
30. Assemblies

Are you looking for the best ideas and synonyms for appointments? An appointment is an arrangement to meet or visit someone at a particular time, so it’s important to have the right words to describe it. Synonyms for appointments include engagements, schedules, dates, meetings, appointees, rendezvous, confabs, get-togethers, sessions, conferences, assignments, allotments, agendas, agreements, consultations, gatherings, hearings, interviews, negotiations, occasions, reunions, renditions, reservations, summons, summations, talks, tribunals, trysts, visits, and assemblies. No matter what word you choose to describe an appointment, it’s important to make sure you keep it.