1. Plaintiffs
2. Accusers
3. Suitors
4. Claimants
5. Litigants
6. Movants
7. Applicants
8. Defendants
9. Opponents
10. Complainants
11. Seekers
12. Seekers of Justice
13. Petitioners
14. Intervenors
15. Proponents
16. Plaintiffs-in-Error
17. Aggrieved Parties
18. Opposing Parties
19. Plaintiffs Below
20. Plaintiffs-Appellants
21. Appellate Parties
22. Appellants-in-Error
23. Appellants Below
24. Appellants to the Court
25. Appellants from the Lower Court
26. Appellants from the Trial Court
27. Appellants to the Appellate Court
28. Plaintiffs on Appeal
29. Suers
30. Legal Parties

If you are looking for the best ideas and other words for the term «appellants», there are several synonyms to consider. Plaintiffs, accusers, suitors, claimants, litigants, movants, applicants, defendants, opponents, complainants, seekers, seekers of justice, petitioners, intervenors, proponents, plaintiffs-in-error, aggrieved parties, opposing parties, plaintiffs below, plaintiffs-appellants, appellate parties, appellants-in-error, appellants below, appellants to the court, appellants from the lower court, appellants from the trial court, appellants to the appellate court, plaintiffs on appeal, suers, and legal parties are all synonyms for the term «appellants». With these synonyms, you can use the right word to accurately and effectively communicate your message.