Synonyms for “Appeals”:

1. Entreaties
2. Requests
3. Invocations
4. Implorations
5. Petitions
6. Solicitations
7. Pleas
8. Invitations
9. Supplications
10. Invocations
11. Cries
12. Invites
13. Prayers
14. Urgings
15. Appeals
16. Supplications
17. Cries
18. Pleading
19. Importunings
20. Allurements
21. Invites
22. Invocations
23. Lures
24. Urges
25. Solicitations
26. Pleadings
27. Entreaties
28. Invitations
29. Appeals to
30. Implorations

Looking for the best ideas and other words for “Appeals”? Synonyms for “Appeals” are entreaties, requests, invocations, implorations, petitions, solicitations, pleas, invitations, supplications, cries, invites, prayers, urgings, allurements, lures, urges, pleadings, importunings, and appeals to. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs. Whether you’re writing an essay, delivering a speech, or simply trying to communicate more effectively, having a good understanding of these words and their meanings can help you communicate more effectively.