1. Competition Law
2. Monopoly Law
3. Restrictive Practices Law
4. Anticompetitive Practices Law
5. Price Fixing Law
6. Cartel Law
7. Trade Practices Law
8. Trade Regulations Law
9. Trade Restrictions Law
10. Market Control Law
11. Merger Law
12. Consolidation Law
13. Combination Law
14. Trust Law
15. Pooling Law
16. Pooling Agreement Law
17. Price Discrimination Law
18. Predatory Pricing Law
19. Price Maintenance Law
20. Horizontal Restraint Law
21. Vertical Restraint Law
22. Boycott Law
23. Tie-in Law
24. Exclusive Dealing Law
25. Unfair Competition Law
26. Market Division Law
27. Market Sharing Law
28. Antimonopoly Law
29. Anticompetition Law
30. Antimonopsony Law

When looking for the best ideas about synonyms for the word «antitrust», there are a variety of options available. There are a number of other words and phrases that can be used to describe this concept, such as competition law, monopoly law, restrictive practices law, and anticompetitive practices law. Additionally, terms such as price fixing law, cartel law, trade practices law, trade regulations law, and trade restrictions law can also be used to describe this concept. Furthermore, market control law, merger law, consolidation law, and combination law are all other words for antitrust. Finally, trust law, pooling law, pooling agreement law, price discrimination law, and predatory pricing law are all additional synonyms for the term.