1. Foreboding
2. Premonition
3. Expectancy
4. Hope
5. Forecasting
6. Prescience
7. Apprehension
8. Intuition
9. Prevision
10. Forethought
11. Anticipating
12. Prefiguring
13. Antecedence
14. Premeditation
15. Pre-awareness
16. Pre-cognition
17. Pre-sensing
18. Pre-conceiving
19. Pre-imagining
20. Foreknowing
21. Foreseeing
22. Presaging
23. Preconception
24. Pre-perceiving
25. Pre-conjecturing
26. Pre-speculating
27. Pre-divining
28. Pre-guessing
29. Pre-supposing
30. Pre-judging

When it comes to finding the best ideas and other words for anticipation, it is important to consider the full range of synonyms available. From foreboding to premonition, expectation to hope, forecasting to prescience, and apprehension to intuition, there are a variety of words that can be used to express the concept of anticipation. Additionally, words such as prevision, forethought, anticipating, prefiguring, antecedence, premeditation, pre-awareness, pre-cognition, pre-sensing, pre-conceiving, pre-imagining, foreknowing, foreseeing, presaging, preconception, pre-perceiving, pre-conjecturing, pre-speculating, pre-divining, pre-guessing, pre-supposing, and pre-judging can all be used to express the idea of anticipation. With so many options available, it is easy to find the best synonym for anticipation that best fits the context of any given situation.