Synonyms for «ANTI»:

1. Opposing
2. Contradictory
3. Hostile
4. Counter
5. Adverse
6. Inimical
7. Antagonistic
8. Contrarian
9. Unfavorable
10. Disagreeable
11. Repugnant
12. Unsympathetic
13. Antithetical
14. Antipathetic
15. Incompatible
16. Detrimental
17. Averse
18. Opposite
19. Unfriendly
20. Antipodal
21. Dissenting
22. Contrary
23. Antic
24. Uncooperative
25. Heterogeneous
26. Antediluvian
27. Antiphonal
28. Refractory
29. Antedate
30. Antonym

Finding the right words to use in your writing can be a challenge. However, having a list of synonyms for a particular word can be a great help. Synonyms for «anti» can provide a variety of different words to use in your writing that convey the same meaning. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for «anti» include opposing, contradictory, hostile, counter, adverse, inimical, antagonistic, contrarian, unfavorable, disagreeable, repugnant, unsympathetic, antithetical, antipathetic, incompatible, detrimental, averse, opposite, unfriendly, antipodal, dissenting, contrary, antic, uncooperative, heterogeneous, antediluvian, antiphonal, refractory, antedate, and antonym. Having a list of these synonyms can make it easier to find the right word for your writing, and also make it more interesting and varied.