Synonyms for ANTHER:

1. Pollen sac
2. Pollen producer
3. Ovule
4. Male part
5. Male organ
6. Male reproductive organ
7. Male reproductive part
8. Stamen
9. Filament
10. Male flower part
11. Male flower organ
12. Male element
13. Generative organ
14. Generative part
15. Male reproductive structure
16. Male reproductive system
17. Male reproductive apparatus
18. Male reproductive component
19. Male reproductive organelle
20. Male gamete
21. Male gametophyte
22. Male spore
23. Male gamete producer
24. Male spore producer
25. Male gamete producer
26. Male pollen producer
27. Male pollen sac
28. Male pollen organ
29. Male pollen sacs
30. Male reproductive organelle

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