1. Creatures
2. Beasts
3. Fauna
4. Wildlife
5. Critters
6. Mammals
7. Quadrupeds
8. Vertebrates
9. Carnivores
10. Herbivores
11. Reptiles
12. Amphibians
13. Birds
14. Insects
15. Arthropods
16. Fish
17. Primates
18. Rodents
19. Lagomorphs
20. Marsupials
21. Pinnipeds
22. Cetaceans
23. Bovines
24. Ungulates
25. Canines
26. Felines
27. Equines
28. Biped
29. Quadruped
30. Avians

Finding the best synonyms for the word “animals” can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for another word for animals, or other words for animals, there are plenty of ideas out there. From creatures and beasts to mammals and quadrupeds, there is an abundance of synonyms available. Examples of synonyms for animals include fauna, wildlife, critters, vertebrates, carnivores, herbivores, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects, arthropods, fish, primates, rodents, lagomorphs, marsupials, pinnipeds, cetaceans, bovines, ungulates, canines, felines, equines, bipeds, and avians. With so many different ways to refer to animals, you can be sure to find the perfect synonym for your needs.