1. Corners
2. Vertex
3. Apex
4. Facet
5. Bevel
6. Obtuse
7. Right
8. Acute
9. Oblique
10. Edges
11. Slope
12. Tangent
13. Incline
14. Cusp
15. Sharp
16. Triangles
17. Quadrilateral
18. Pentagon
19. Hexagon
20. Heptagon
21. Octagon
22. Nonagon
23. Decagon
24. Dodecagon
25. Trigon
26. Arc
27. Crest
28. Point
29. Wedge
30. Intersection

Looking for synonyms for the word ‘angles’? Look no further! Here are the best ideas for other words for angles. Whether you need a single word, a phrase, or a more complex synonym, you can find the perfect fit among these 30 options. From well-known words like corners and vertex to more obscure ones like cusp and crest, you’re sure to find what you need. Don’t forget to check out the other words for angles like obtuse, right, acute, oblique, edges, slope, tangent, and incline. With so many options, you can’t go wrong!