1. Assessing
2. Examining
3. Investigating
4. Scrutinizing
5. Dissecting
6. Inspecting
7. Interpreting
8. Investigating
9. Delving
10. Deconstructing
11. Reviewing
12. Weighing
13. Estimating
14. Deliberating
15. Investigating
16. Probing
17. Sifting
18. Poring Over
19. Scrutinizing
20. Analyzing
21. Examining
22. Studying
23. Investigating
24. Delving
25. Interrogating
26. Investigating
27. Sizing Up
28. Critiquing
29. Evaluating
30. Assaying

When it comes to finding the best ideas, analyzing is key. Synonyms for analyzing such as assessing, examining, and investigating can help to uncover the best ideas and solutions. Other words for analyzing, such as scrutinizing, dissecting, and inspecting, can help to further investigate and understand the best ideas. By using synonyms such as delving, interpreting, and probing, one can further assess the best ideas and solutions. Weighing, estimating, and deliberating are other great synonyms for analyzing that can help to uncover the best solutions and ideas.