1. Interpreter
2. Investigator
3. Examiner
4. Analyst
5. Researcher
6. Assessor
7. Decipher
8. Examiner
9. Assessor
10. Evaluator
11. Investigator
12. Interpreter
13. Logician
14. Observer
15. Observer
16. Researcher
17. Scanner
18. Scrutinizer
19. Student
20. Surveyor
21. Thinker
22. Analyst
23. Critic
24. Decipherer
25. Dissector
26. Examiner
27. Interrogator
28. Investigator
29. Logician
30. Observer

When looking for the best ideas and other words for analyst, there are a variety of synonyms to choose from. From investigator and interpreter to assessor and evaluator, these terms all encapsulate the notion of an analyst in different ways. Synonyms for analyst can also include researcher, decipher, scanner, scrutinizer, student, surveyor, thinker, critic, decipherer, dissector, examiner, interrogator, and logician. All of these words signify the same concept of an analyst, but in different ways. By understanding the various synonyms for analyst, one can more accurately describe the concept in different contexts.