1. Stimulants
2. Pills
3. Uppers
4. Speed
5. Dexedrine
6. Benzedrine
7. Caffeine
8. Cocaine
9. Crack
10. Amp
11. Crystal
12. Yaba
13. Meth
14. Ecstasy
15. Methylphenidate
16. Ritalin
17. Adderall
18. Dexamyl
19. Dexedrine Spansules
20. Desoxyn
21. Methedrine
22. Biphetamine
23. Pyramine
24. Obetrol
25. Didrex
26. Procentra
27. Vyvanse
28. Concerta
29. Methylin
30. Evekeo

When searching for synonyms for the word «amphetamines», there are a variety of ideas and terms that can be used. Stimulants, pills, uppers, speed, dexedrine, benzedrine, caffeine, cocaine, crack, amp, crystal, yaba, meth, ecstasy, methylphenidate, ritalin, adderall, dexamyl, dexedrine spansules, desoxyn, methedrine, biphetamine, pyramine, obetrol, didrex, procentra, vyvanse, concerta, methylin, and evekeo are all words that can be used as synonyms for amphetamines. Each of these words can be used to describe the same thing in different ways, making it easier to discuss the topic without repeating the same words over and over. Additionally, these words can be used to help people find information about amphetamines more easily, as they will search for these terms and related topics. By using these synonyms, it is easier to understand the various aspects of amphetamines and their effects on the body.