1. Accruing
2. Accumulating
3. Aggregating
4. Amassing
5. Ascending
6. Augmenting
7. Building
8. Climbing
9. Collecting
10. Compounding
11. Cumulating
12. Enhancing
13. Expanding
14. Gathering
15. Growing
16. Heaping
17. Increasing
18. Inflating
19. Mounting
20. Multiplying
21. Nearing
22. Piling
23. Quantifying
24. Raising
25. Reaching
26. Rising
27. Swelling
28. Totaling
29. Upping
30. Upsurging

Searching for synonyms of the word «amounting» is a great way to enhance your writing and make it more interesting. There are a variety of words that can be used to express the same meaning, giving you the best ideas for expressing yourself. Some of the most common synonyms for the word «amounting» include accumulating, amassing, building, climbing, collecting, compounding, cumulating, enhancing, expanding, gathering, growing, heaping, increasing, inflating, mounting, multiplying, nearing, piling, quantifying, raising, reaching, rising, swelling, totaling, upping, and upsurging. Each of these words has its own unique connotations and can be used to effectively communicate the concept of «amounting». Using synonyms for the word «amounting» can help you to diversify your writing and make it more interesting for your readers.