Synonyms for AMICABLE:
1. Agreeable
2. Benign
3. Chummy
4. Cordial
5. Diplomatic
6. Friendly
7. Hospitable
8. Kind
9. Neighborly
10. Pleasant
11. Polite
12. Respectful
13. Sympathetic
14. Tolerant
15. Approving
16. Compassionate
17. Congenial
18. Considerate
19. Cooperative
20. Generous
21. Gracious
22. Harmonious
23. Mild
24. Peaceful
25. Polished
26. Reasonable
27. Suave
28. Tender
29. Understanding
30. Warm

When it comes to finding the best synonyms for the word «AMICABLE», there are many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for another word for «AMICABLE» or a list of ideas, this article has you covered. From «Agreeable» to «Warm», there are 30 different synonyms you can use to express the same sentiment. Each of these words carries a similar meaning to «AMICABLE», making them perfect for use in situations where a more polite or diplomatic word is needed. Whether you are looking to describe a relationship between two people or the tone of a conversation, these synonyms are sure to help you find the right words.