1. US citizens
2. Yanks
3. United Staters
4. Yankees
5. Stars and Stripes
6. Uncle Sam
7. Americans of the United States
8. US of A
9. USA
10. Red, White, and Blue
11. Statesiders
12. The American People
13. United Statesians
14. United Statesers
15. Amurricans
16. USians
17. USers
18. US of America
19. The Land of the Free
20. Land of Opportunity
21. Home of the Brave
22. America the Beautiful
23. Home of the Stars and Stripes
24. Home of the Eagle
25. Home of the Free
26. Home of the Patriots
27. Home of the Founding Fathers
28. Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave
29. Land of Liberty
30. Land of the Patriots

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word «Americans», there are many ideas to consider. The best options include US citizens, Yanks, United Staters, Yankees, Stars and Stripes, Uncle Sam, and Americans of the United States. Other words for Americans include US of A, USA, Red, White, and Blue, Statesiders, The American People, United Statesians, United Statesers, Amurricans, USians, USers, and US of America. Additionally, the Land of the Free, Land of Opportunity, Home of the Brave, America the Beautiful, Home of the Stars and Stripes, Home of the Eagle, Home of the Free, Home of the Patriots, Home of the Founding Fathers, Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, Land of Liberty, and Land of the Patriots are all excellent synonyms for Americans. No matter which phrase you choose, you can be sure to represent the American people in a respectful and accurate way.