1. U.S. Citizen
2. Yankee
3. United States Person
4. USA Resident
5. National
6. Colonist
7. Red, White, and Blue
8. Stars and Stripes
9. Uncle Sam
10. Americana
11. USA National
12. Continental
13. Patriot
14. Native
15. Stateside
16. US Citizen
17. Yank
18. Colonial
19. USofA
20. Land of the Free
21. Land of Opportunity
22. Home of the Brave
23. The Fifty
24. US Person
25. The Melting Pot
26. Land of the Home of the
27. Land of the Red, White, and Blue
28. Land of the Stars and Stripes
29. Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave
30. Land of Uncle Sam

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