1. Vague
2. Equivocal
3. Unclear
4. Cryptic
5. Elusive
6. Obscure
7. Dubious
8. Mystifying
9. Problematic
10. Unintelligible
11. Contradictory
12. Puzzling
13. Dubitable
14. Indefinite
15. Ambivalent
16. Unresolved
17. Unspecific
18. Indeterminate
19. Undefined
20. Neuter
21. Unspecific
22. Unsolved
23. Unsettled
24. Unspecific
25. Unstated
26. Unspecific
27. Unpronounced
28. Unspecific
29. Unuttered
30. Unspecific

When you are looking for a synonym for the word «ambiguous», there are many options to choose from. The best ideas for finding a synonym for the word «ambiguous» are to look for words that have similar meanings such as vague, equivocal, unclear, and cryptic. Other words for «ambiguous» may include elusive, obscure, dubious, mystifying, and problematic. There are also many options that are less commonly used such as contradictory, puzzling, dubitable, indefinite, ambivalent, unresolved, unspecific, neuter, unsolved, unsettled, unstated, unpronounced, and unuttered. All of these words can be used to describe something that is ambiguous or unclear.