1. Emissaries
2. Emissary
3. Messengers
4. Legates
5. Liaisons
6. Envoys
7. Representatives
8. Delegates
9. Agents
10. Spokespersons
11. Negotiators
12. Intermediaries
13. Attaches
14. Ambassadors-at-large
15. Diplomats
16. Attorneys
17. Commissioners
18. Consuls
19. Plenipotentiaries
20. Mediators
21. Liaisons
22. Go-betweens
23. Facilitators
24. Intercessors
25. Envoys
26. Interpreters
27. Agents of Goodwill
28. Commissioners
29. Attorneys
30. Diplomats

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms of the word «ambassadors», there are a variety of other words and phrases that can be used. Some of these include emissaries, messengers, legates, liaisons, envoys, representatives, delegates, agents, spokespersons, negotiators, intermediaries, attaches, ambassadors-at-large, diplomats, attorneys, commissioners, consuls, plenipotentiaries, mediators, go-betweens, facilitators, intercessors, envoys, interpreters, agents of goodwill, commissioners, attorneys, and diplomats. Each of these words and phrases can be used to describe the role of ambassadors in a variety of contexts. Whether you are looking for a synonym to describe a diplomatic representative, a negotiator, or a go-between, there are a variety of words and phrases that can be used to accurately describe the role of ambassadors.