1. Aluminum
2. Al
3. Aluminium oxide
4. Metallic element
5. Silver-white metal
6. Light metal
7. Alloy
8. Tin-aluminum
9. Bauxite
10. Aluminate
11. Aluminium hydroxide
12. Aluminium sulfate
13. Aluminium chloride
14. Aluminium nitrate
15. Aluminium phosphate
16. Aluminosilicate
17. Alumina
18. Aluminate
19. Aluminium silicate
20. Aluminium alloy
21. Duralumin
22. Magnalium
23. Magnesium aluminum silicate
24. Aluminium bronze
25. Aluminium stearate
26. Aluminium hydrate
27. Aluminium fluoride
28. Aluminium arsenide
29. Aluminium iodide
30. Aluminium sulphate

Finding the right synonyms for the word «aluminium» can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking for other words for «aluminium» in a scientific context or in everyday usage, there are plenty of options to choose from. From metallic element and silver-white metal to bauxite and aluminate, there are a variety of best ideas to choose from. Aluminium also has a variety of compounds, such as aluminium oxide, aluminium hydroxide, aluminium sulfate, and aluminium chloride. Other words for aluminium can also include alloy, tin-aluminium, alumina, aluminosilicate, duralumin, magnalium, magnesium aluminum silicate, aluminium bronze, aluminium stearate, aluminium hydrate, aluminium fluoride, aluminium arsenide, aluminium iodide, and aluminium sulphate.