1. Change
2. Modify
3. Adjust
4. Adapt
5. Convert
6. Transform
7. Revise
8. Shift
9. Redefine
10. Redesign
11. Restyle
12. Reconstruct
13. Refashion
14. Revamp
15. Reorganize
16. Reorient
17. Reshape
18. Reshuffle
19. Revitalize
20. Revise
21. Substitute
22. Switch
23. Trade
24. Vary
25. Varying
26. Variation
27. Variety
28. Diverge
29. Diversify
30. Diverting

Finding the right synonyms for a word can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for another word for ‘alter’ or ideas for what words can replace it, there are plenty of options. From ‘change’ and ‘modify’ to ‘transform’ and ‘revise’, there are many synonyms for ‘alter’ that can be used to express the same idea. Other words for ‘alter’ such as ‘redefine’, ‘restyle’, and ‘refashion’ can also be used to communicate the same concept. The best ideas for synonyms for ‘alter’ include ‘switch’, ‘trade’, ‘vary’, ‘diverge’, ‘diversify’, and ‘diverting’. With these words, you can effectively communicate the same concept or idea without repeating the same word.