1. Sanctuaries
2. Tabernacles
3. Shrines
4. Temples
5. Sanctums
6. Holy Places
7. Holy Grounds
8. Ritual Sites
9. Sites of Worship
10. Places of Adoration
11. Places of Prayer
12. Places of Sacrifice
13. Places of Veneration
14. Places of Offering
15. Sites of Devotion
16. Places of Atonement
17. Places of Consecration
18. Places of Dedication
19. Places of Oblation
20. Places of Thanksgiving
21. Places of Invocation
22. Places of Incense
23. Places of Libation
24. Places of Oblation
25. Places of Propitiation
26. Places of Supplication
27. Places of Vow
28. Places of Worship
29. Places of Sacrifice
30. Places of Intercession

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