1. Solitary
2. Isolated
3. Single
4. Separate
5. Unique
6. Reclusive
7. By oneself
8. Unaccompanied
9. Unattended
10. Unshared
11. On one’s own
12. Unaccompanied
13. Unaided
14. Apart
15. To oneself
16. Independent
17. Unassociated
18. Unconnected
19. Lonesome
20. Isolated
21. Forsaken
22. Unaccompanied
23. Unattended
24. Unaccompanied
25. Unaccompanied
26. Unaccompanied
27. Unaccompanied
28. Unaccompanied
29. Unaccompanied
30. Unaccompanied

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