1. Supposedly
2. Reportedly
3. Suppositiously
4. Ostensibly
5. Seemingly
6. Hypothetically
7. Credibly
8. Putatively
9. Reputably
10. Anonymously
11. Censuredly
12. Professionally
13. Accusedly
14. Attestedly
15. Credibly
16. Dubiously
17. Reputedly
18. Supposably
19. Tentatively
20. Claimedly
21. Impliedly
22. Indirectly
23. Popularly
24. Popularly
25. Purportedly
26. Questionably
27. Rumoredly
28. Significantly
29. Suppositively
30. Understoodly

When searching for synonyms for the word «allegedly», the best ideas are to look for words that have similar meanings. There are many words that can be used as synonyms for the word «allegedly», including «supposedly», «reportedly», «ostensibly», and «seemingly». Other words that can be used to describe the same concept include «hypothetically», «credibly», «putatively», and «reputedly». Additionally, words like «anonymously», «censuredly», and «professionally» can be used to express the same idea. Ultimately, there are many different words that can be used to describe the concept of «allegedly», and it is important to choose the one that best fits the context of the sentence.