1. North African Nation
2. Maghreb
3. The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
4. The Great Maghreb
5. The Saharan Nation
6. The White Land
7. The Islamic Republic of Algeria
8. The Mediterranean State
9. The North African State
10. The Desert Country
11. The Arab Republic of Algeria
12. The Saharan Republic
13. The Maghreb Republic
14. The Arab Nation
15. The African Nation
16. The Desert Land
17. The Mediterranean Nation
18. The Saharan Land
19. The Islamic Nation
20. The Maghreb Nation
21. The White Nation
22. The Maghreb State
23. The African Republic
24. The Islamic State
25. The Saharan State
26. The North African Republic
27. The Mediterranean Republic
28. The Arab Land
29. The White Republic
30. The African State

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