1. Seaweed
2. Phytoplankton
3. Marine
4. Kelp
5. Plankton
6. Flora
7. Macroalgae
8. Seaweed
9. Microalgae
10. Algae
11. Chromophyte
12. Eukaryote
13. Dinoflagellate
14. Phycology
15. Cyanobacteria
16. Cyanophyte
17. Rhodophyte
18. Chlorophyte
19. Protist
20. Desmids
21. Euglenoid
22. Diatom
23. Phytoplankton
24. Microphyte
25. Alga
26. Phycoerythrin
27. Phycobilin
28. Algal Bloom
29. Red Tide
30. Brown Tide

Looking for synonyms for the word «ALGAL»? Here are the best ideas! Algal is a term used to refer to a wide variety of aquatic organisms, including seaweed, phytoplankton, kelp, plankton, and macroalgae. Other words for algal include marine, microalgae, algae, chromophyte, eukaryote, dinoflagellate, phycology, cyanobacteria, cyanophyte, rhodophyte, chlorophyte, protist, desmids, euglenoid, diatom, microphyte, alga, phycoerythrin, phycobilin, algal bloom, red tide, and brown tide. All of these terms are synonyms for algal, and can be used to refer to the same type of aquatic organisms.