1. Seaweed
2. Kelp
3. Phytoplankton
4. Marine vegetation
5. Moss
6. Pond scum
7. Marine plant
8. Oceanic vegetation
9. Microalgae
10. Marine algae
11. Marine phytoplankton
12. Plankton
13. Aquatic vegetation
14. Marine flora
15. Aquatic plant
16. Macroalgae
17. Seaweed bloom
18. Marine plant life
19. Planktonic algae
20. Algal bloom
21. Seaweed soup
22. Sargassum
23. Marine microalgae
24. Seaweed culture
25. Microscopic algae
26. Algal mat
27. Algal turf
28. Algae culture
29. Seaweed extract
30. Algal film

Finding synonyms for the word “algae” can be a great way to add variety to your writing. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas for scientific terminology or for a creative way to describe a natural phenomenon, there are a variety of other words for algae that can work for any project. From seaweed and kelp to phytoplankton and aquatic vegetation, the list of synonyms for algae is vast and varied. These words can be used to provide a more vivid description of the ocean’s flora, or to add a scientific edge to your writing. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect synonym for algae to fit your needs.