1. Metropolis
2. City
3. Municipality
4. Urban area
5. Settlement
6. Community
7. Town
8. Outpost
9. Burgh
10. Borough
11. Hamlet
12. Conglomeration
13. Capital
14. Congregation
15. Congeries
16. Conglomerate
17. Congregated area
18. Congruence
19. Congruity
20. Congruousness
21. Congruous
22. Congruence
23. Congruence
24. Congruous
25. Congruousness
26. Congruity
27. Congeries
28. Conglomeration
29. Conglomerate
30. Congregated area

When looking for synonyms for the word «Alexandria», there are many options to consider. The best ideas are to look for words that have similar meanings, such as «Metropolis», «City», «Municipality», «Urban area», and «Settlement». Other words for «Alexandria» include «Community», «Town», «Outpost», «Burgh», and «Borough». Additionally, there are more specialized words like «Hamlet», «Conglomeration», «Capital», «Congregation», «Congeries», «Conglomerate», and «Congregated area». Each of these words can be used to describe the city of Alexandria in different contexts. Furthermore, words like «Congruence», «Congruity», «Congruousness», and «Congruous» can be used to describe the city in a more poetic and abstract way. With so many words to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect synonym for «Alexandria» to suit any context.