1. Aerodromes
2. Terminals
3. Airfields
4. Airstrips
5. Hubs
6. Airbases
7. Depots
8. Flight stations
9. Landing grounds
10. Airports of entry
11. Landing strips
12. Airway facilities
13. Airway stations
14. Aviation facilities
15. Harbors of the air
16. Heliports
17. International airports
18. Jetports
19. Seaports of the air
20. Spaceports
21. Airports of departure
22. Airports of embarkation
23. Airports of call
24. Airports of debarkation
25. Airports of destination
26. Airports of embarkment
27. Airports of landing
28. Airports of unloading
29. Airports of arrival
30. Airports of disembarkation

Finding the best synonyms for the word «airports» can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many other words that can be used to accurately describe these facilities. From «aerodromes» and «terminals» to «airfields» and «airstrips», there are a variety of synonyms available to choose from. Additionally, there are other terms such as «hubs», «airbases», and «depots» that can be used to accurately describe the purpose and function of airports. For those looking for more creative ideas, there are also «flight stations», «landing grounds», and «airway facilities» that can be used. Ultimately, there is no shortage of synonyms for airports that can be used to accurately describe these essential facilities.