1. Torment
2. Suffering
3. Anguish
4. Misery
5. Woe
6. Tribulation
7. Distress
8. Heartache
9. Agonize
10. Desolation
11. Pang
12. Calamity
13. Torment
14. Affliction
15. Tribulation
16. Grief
17. Anguish
18. Discomfort
19. Despondency
20. Gloom
21. Misfortune
22. Hurt
23. Wretchedness
24. Tribulation
25. Pain
26. Despondency
27. Affliction
28. Misery
29. Desolation
30. Tribulation

When looking for synonyms for the word «AGONY», there are many great ideas to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best word to describe a difficult situation or just need another word for a feeling of extreme pain, there are plenty of options available. Some of the best synonyms for «AGONY» include torment, suffering, anguish, misery, woe, tribulation, distress, heartache, agonize, desolation, pang, calamity, torment, affliction, tribulation, grief, anguish, discomfort, despondency, gloom, misfortune, hurt, wretchedness, tribulation, pain, despondency, affliction, misery, and desolation. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect synonym for any situation.