1. Dark Continent
2. Motherland
3. Continent of Contrasts
4. Land of Opportunity
5. Cradle of Humanity
6. Land of the Pharaohs
7. Land of the Rising Sun
8. Land of the Great Rift Valley
9. Land of Wonders
10. Land of the Great Lakes
11. Land of the Great Migration
12. Land of Tribes
13. Land of the Pyramids
14. Land of the Pharaohs
15. Land of the Serengeti
16. Land of the Nile
17. Land of the Sahara
18. Land of the Baobab
19. Land of the Berbers
20. Land of the Bushmen
21. Land of the Zulus
22. Land of the Swahili
23. Land of the Masai
24. Land of the Great Zimbabwe
25. Land of the Great Rift Valley
26. Land of the Iron Age Kingdoms
27. Land of the Pharaohs
28. Land of the Great Migration
29. Land of the Big Five
30. Land of the Legends

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