1. Entrance
2. Acceptance
3. Admission
4. Introduction
5. Confession
6. Acknowledgement
7. Permission
8. Recognition
9. Allowing
10. Admittance
11. Endorsement
12. Consent
13. Ingress
14. Introduction
15. Infiltration
16. Inlet
17. Inclusion
18. Access
19. Admittance
20. Entranceway
21. Key
22. Passage
23. Confirmation
24. Introduction
25. Initiation
26. Ingress
27. Aperture
28. Clearance
29. Opening
30. Authorization

Searching for the best synonyms for the word «admission» can be tricky. Many people are looking for alternatives to the word, whether it be for a school application or a writing project. However, there are plenty of ideas and other words for admission that can help you express yourself better. Some of the best ideas include entrance, acceptance, permission, acknowledgement, recognition, allowing, admittance, endorsement, consent, ingress, infiltration, inlet, inclusion, access, entranceway, key, passage, confirmation, introduction, initiation, aperture, clearance, opening, and authorization. All of these words can be used to express the same idea, but in different contexts. With a little research and creativity, you can find the perfect synonym for your project.