1. Admirer: Admirer
2. Admirer: Fan
3. Admirer: Adorer
4. Admirer: Applauder
5. Admirer: Admiring
6. Admirer: Admiringly
7. Admirer: Adulation
8. Admirer: Appreciator
9. Admirer: Appreciative
10. Admirer: Commendation
11. Admirer: Complimenter
12. Admirer: Devotee
13. Admirer: Encomiast
14. Admirer: Eulogizer
15. Admirer: Flatterer
16. Admirer: Glorifier
17. Admirer: Idolater
18. Admirer: Praiser
19. Admirer: Respecter
20. Admirer: Sycophant
21. Admirer: Venerator
22. Admirer: Admiringly
23. Admirer: Adulation
24. Admirer: Applause
25. Admirer: Appreciatively
26. Admirer: Commendatory
27. Admirer: Complimentarily
28. Admirer: Eulogistic
29. Admirer: Flattering
30. Admirer: Glorifying

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