1. Supervisory
2. Managerial
3. Executive
4. Regulatory
5. Directional
6. Superintending
7. Governance
8. Superintendence
9. Superintendency
10. Control
11. Supervision
12. Govern
13. Directive
14. Directorial
15. Command
16. Guiding
17. Superintend
18. Supervise
19. Oversee
20. Directing
21. Regulatory
22. Organizational
23. Supervisory
24. Authority
25. Governorship
26. Superintendency
27. Commanding
28. Directorship
29. Guidance
30. Superintendence

Searching for synonyms for the word “administrative” can be a great way to add variety to your writing. Whether you’re writing for business or pleasure, using different words can make your writing more interesting and engaging. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms of “administrative” to help you get started. Supervisory, managerial, executive, regulatory, directional, superintending, governance, superintendence, superintendency, control, supervision, govern, directive, directorial, command, guiding, superintend, supervise, oversee, directing, regulatory, organizational, authority, governorship, superintendency, commanding, directorship, guidance, and superintendence are all great words to use when considering a synonym for “administrative”. Using these words can help to make your writing more interesting and dynamic, and can also help to add clarity to your writing.