1. Initiating
2. Starting
3. Triggering
4. Prompting
5. Activating
6. Instigating
7. Launching
8. Generating
9. Eliciting
10. Producing
11. Propelling
12. Impelling
13. Mobilizing
14. Inciting
15. Causing
16. Inducing
17. Encouraging
18. Inspiring
19. Stirring
20. Arousing
21. Stirring up
22. Urging
23. Nudging
24. Instigating
25. Spurring
26. Stimulating
27. Motivating
28. Facilitating
29. Invigorating
30. Exerting

When you are looking for other words for «actuating», you have come to the right place. We have compiled a comprehensive list of 30 synonyms for «actuating» to help you find the best ideas for your project. Whether you are looking for words such as initiating, launching, producing, or propelling, this list has it all. Each word has its own unique meaning and can be used to express the concept of actuating in a different way. This list of synonyms for «actuating» can help you find the perfect word for your project.