1. Pursuit
2. Endeavor
3. Business
4. Exercise
5. Task
6. Undertaking
7. Operation
8. Project
9. Function
10. Performance
11. Course
12. Action
13. Occupation
14. Process
15. Assignment
16. Movement
17. Pursuit
18. Effort
19. Activity
20. Exploit
21. Labor
22. Venture
23. Engagement
24. Activity
25. Endeavor
26. Exercise
27. Occupation
28. Operation
29. Performance
30. Undertaking

When it comes to finding other words for “activity”, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for synonyms for a school assignment or a creative writing project, having a list of best ideas to draw from can be a great help. Synonyms for activity include pursuit, endeavor, business, exercise, task, undertaking, operation, project, function, performance, course, action, occupation, process, assignment, movement, effort, exploit, labor, venture, and engagement. Utilizing a variety of words for activity can help to make your writing more interesting and dynamic.